[:en]Liberty Festival, Osijek, Croatia. 25 – 27th August 2017.

Friday, August 25th, City of Osijek

14:00 to 20:00h  Barutana – (left side of the river Drava): – Empower Yourself lectures on education, technology, and progress, human freedoms, ethical banking, etc.

14:00-14:50 introduction and discussion panel: TTT- True Tesla Technologies, Tesla Sustainable Village and Innovation Center – Tomislav Tesla (via conference call), Damir Katušić, Neven-Lucian Davidović

15:00-15:50 presentation and discussion panel: The Croatian Ethical Bank – Ethical Financing Association (ZEF) – The future of our relationship with the bank and community depends on us – Toni Tvrtković, Danijela Šunić

16: 00-16:50 presentation and discussion panel: GoGreen Marketplace – Build Your Own Distribution System – “Smart Marketplaces for Fast Growth”
– Alan Slapar

17: 00-17: 50 lecture and discussion panel: Communicating the idea of freedom – Ivan Bertović

18:00-18:45 lecture: History of Classical Anarchism in Croatia – Luka Pejić

18:45-19:15 panel discussion – what can we do and how we can do it…
– lecturers and visitors

19:15 presentation: AIESEC – presentation of the culture of seven young students from different countries of the world through traditional food, clothes, figurines and more …

20:00 to 6:00h Amphitheater “The Catacombs” – (left side of the river Drava): – Liberty Music Festival – History Edition: The Underground

DJ Line-Up


DJ Flegma
In the electro field since the year 2000. Always supplies a massive amount of positive energy to the dance floor. In his sets, you can hear the varied sounds of unique electronic music, and on this occasion, he will be preparing for you something a bit more progressive…

DJ Sub Effect 
An uncompromising fan of techno culture as the entity, his sets are a combination of hypnosis and industrial raw techno, with no exception, every set is a very serious attitude of its musical expression…

DJ Marko Felinger
Marko is a passionate record collector and music junkie obsessed with finding and discovering hidden gems in music. His trademark is definitely a unique combination of deep progressive and techno, often combined with dark and mystic melodies https://soundcloud.com/marko-felinger

Saturday, August 26, City of Osijek

14:00 to 16:00h

Josip Juraj Strossmayer Street (Next to Rokova Church)in the city center: – Welcoming the “Liberty Race” cyclists at the international GP race Batina-Osijek and award ceremony.

15:00-15:40 lecture and discussion panel: Liberal.hr – Globalization, advantages, and disadvantages, myths and omissions – Mario Nakić

15:45-16:25 lecture and discussion panel: How to Make Money From Tourism-Educated employee-satisfied customer – Darko Balaš

16:30-16:55 lecture (via conference video call) – Bitcoin, Steemit and the future with Blockchain technology -Roger Ver

17:00-19:00 presentation, video production, and discussion panel: DMT-The Spirit Molecule – Aleksandar Popović

19:00 panel discussion -what can we do and how we can do it…
– lecturers and visitors

20:00 to 6:00, Amphitheater “The Catacombs” -(left side of the river Drava): – Liberty Music Festival – History Edition: The Regeneration- Urban Tribe

DJ Line-up





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